June 15, 2013

one nine.

It's been a long journey.
I have finally turned nineteen! yay!
Not much had changed and not much had remained the same either.
I might be the same old tune with a new set of lyrics.

What i did discover on my nineteenth birthday is:
*bows to standing ovation*

Me- hammering the shit out of my welded workpiece.

Umi, myself and Acap in welding gears.

Thanks to everyone who'd wished me on my birthday!
Do pray for my health and success.
I'll try to post more reads up here since Dilla lent me her laptop. teehee

June 4, 2013



Yes, yes, it's been a while.
How's everyone have been doing?

Hope no one's like the weather nowadays.

September 24, 2012

F = mg.

The urge to steal a match from the whole pile of matchboxes laid right in front of me screamed out so loud, that my ears started to ring. "Burn this bridge."

This burned bridge. Did i actually manage to cross to the other side? or did i fell half-way into the peril of  everything unknown down below? Did i climb all the way up just to fall all over again?

Why did i ever crawled all the way up, just to fall in again?

I would listen, I would digest, I would give my opinions and perspective.
But if all you're going to talk about is just about you,
if this thing has always been one sided since the beginning,
then take this to your grave,
I wouldn't be bothered, not even a single speck.

And i was this close to being a better person.
I was so close to be someone who would forgive and forget as if it was just breathing.
Forgive and forget like its a natural thing that your body does involuntarily.
Forgive like it's breathing in, and forget like it's breathing out.
I was so close.

Maybe we're at the end of this bridge,
Maybe i was burning it down myself as i walk with this flame of hatred i carried.

September 23, 2012


I'm sorry I've been away for a very long time. I wish college life isn't based on crazy-intricate-schedules. How I wish I don't get tired as easily. How I wish this doltish holier-than-thou place has better internet connection. I would actually update more.

Things have changed for me, but that's okay. Things are going on fine, and i'm in the pink.

Four months have whizzed so fast, like a bolt of lighting passing our clouded eyes and now I'm already at the very end of Semester 1. 5-6 more months of hell here, and i'm out. Where? Entah lah labu.

Finals was okay. Well, i've only sat for chemistry.
Called up mom last night with high hopes that she would wish me good luck but asked me what to do about my expired moronic L driving license.
Sad, but was not surprised. Should've called Abah instead.

So I got all emo and shiz and posted on tweeter hoping that 'someone' would call me, but another someone called, which isn't half as bad.

So anyways, I'm doing fine here.
I miss my friends.

I wonder how Anis is doing in KMPP?
And how Syafiq is doing in Sunway?
And if Wahidah is doing fine in Penang?
What about Kal? Is Egypt treating you well?

I might have broken a handful of promises these days, but here's one promise i'll keep to my friends.
I will try my hardest to keep in contact with all of you.
"Until Jannah" like he said.

Things have changed for me, but that's okay.

July 17, 2012

Open the box.

Hello, reader(s) (yes, i still do think no one actually reads my blog anymore)

You know, i don't really know how to put it in words.
Yes, you people are actually allowed to shave my head for saying this,






KMKN to be straight.
I should go kill myself now.

Well, that's not really it. I just kind of miss having something to do.
This one week break is getting to me.
I haven't really been studying, I don't even know what the heck was i doing all this while.

Having this continuous fight with my alter ego is really really tiring i tell you.
If i had a Hollow, it would prolly take over.

Phwoar, I miss watching anime.
I shall continue reading some mangas.
After watching Fight Club. hihi

And then only do some Chemistry.
Yes, Chemistry can wait. Haha di haha.


June 22, 2012


"I have always been afraid, always been pretending to follow you closely, always been pretending to sharpen my teeth, when the truth is, I am scared to death just treading on your shadow."

Kuala Kerek.

Well yes, as some of you know im already in college. Well, they call it college. I call it fucking highschool.

I am fine here.
Things are fine here.
The people here aren't though.

It's pretty depressing here, that i bet the rainbow over the sky here is black and white.
It's pretty depressing here, to see that some people grew up in such sad environment that their heads are screwed and that the turn out to be all holier than thou.
It's pretty depressing here, that smiling to guys is a crime.
It's pretty depressing here, that everyone judges everyone by how they look.

It's pretty depressing here, I wish I was back home.

But things are fine here.
I will get used to it.
I would get used to it.

I have a few people who would make my days.
I have someone that is pretty ridiculous to fall in love with.

I'll be fine here.
I hope.


It's been a month plus and i haven't blogged about how ridiculous (in terms of patheticness and epicness(of some people here)) my college is.
And it's been ages since Sum 41, i haven't even updated my blog about it. And i bet you guys don't even feel like reading it anymore, am i wrong?

 Well for starters, i'm tres tres sorry for not updating all this while.
I promise that i will try to come online more often, and i would promise that i would keep this particular promise.

Well yes, I am up and out from my comfort zone (my small cozy yellow room) for about a month now, and had been shoved into the lowest pit of a hell hole called Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang. Okay, I'm exaggerating. This place is isn't as bad as how i might put it in words. But yes, it sucks.

I'm in computer class now to be honest.  I shouldn't be blogging but i'm kind of half done with my assignments so hoho. Dear juniors who're reading, please do not take this as a good example.

Anyways, yes. I am stuck here in a hell hole called Kuala Nerang, Kedah, where the nearest hippest place to hang out here is KFC- which plays nasyid as the background music- or an hour drive to Alor Setar. WHOPPIE!

I'll go for a photoshoot later this evening for you guys to view.
Till then, ja na.

April 30, 2012


Derita, dunia yang mencengkam
Cuba untuk aku bertahan

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan..

April 12, 2012


Heading off to Ipoh in an hour or so.

Oh and just writing this as a reminder for my forgetful self.
I'll post about the earthquake incident soon, i already have a draft on my notebook.
I'll write as soon as I can, which is maybe after returning from the KL trip as soon as i'm back in Penang.

And yes, I promise i'll post about the Sum 41 concert to. I'll write a draft.

And to those asking, "Have you got your license yet?"
I'll have my JPJ somewhere around early May.

Well hah, I should go do some last minute packing and chuck whatever necessary in my bag. Until the next post,
I still love you.

April 2, 2012


Yes, and we meet again.
Hello humans.

So the other day, I was asked by someone,
"Are your blogpost titles just random phrases or what?"
Well yes, the answer to that is actually no they're not.
Well, er for most of them at least.
Unlike this one,
you guys must be like, "Apa ni title macam biskut hanguih."

You know back then during the Friendster era,
we could fill in surveys and those kinds of things?
Well i think I'd picked up a habit from naming posts titles from words of phrases that cross my mind after writing from there.

Like for instance, my post before this [link] was called "Talks Big". Other than the fact that I was listening to Neon Trees - Everybody talks, it had something to do about me talking big that i'll score straight A's. Which i didn't.

And there was the post about my friends [link] was kind of related to the song You're Only Young Once by Amber Pacific. Hence the blogpost's title.

Well yes, basically most of my post's title has something significant behind it.
But like i said, unlike this one,
It's named after how the background music of this Harvest Moon Game i'm playing.
Yes, i shall shoot myself for doing so.

Anyhoo, till next post.
See you when i see you.
Feel free to ask me anything on Twitter or Facebook.

April 1, 2012

Talks big.

Hello lifeless humans who enjoys wasting your precious time reading my useless and tedious blogposts. Yes, i know it's been a while since the last post (which was very short). Are you people doing well?
So yes, I've noticed i didn't really updated on my results.
Yeah yeah, i know it's like super late.
This story should even qualify as a cerita nenek moyang by now since everyone prolly updated about this after getting their results but i was busy refreshing the stupid internet, so yeah.

Alhamdulillah, I got 7A's.
And to be honest, i didn't really feel nervous at that time, or scared or anything.
Just numb. Everything went fast.
Well except the two hour wait, which i wasn't surprised.

The night before the only thing i could think of was, "Oh god, what the hell am i supposed to wear?" out of all things.
Waking up in the morning like every other day, like i mentioned, i felt numb.
Not that disturbing numb feeling that you get waking up after a long night crying.
Just numb. The whole world was a blur, all my senses were half awake and the only thing i could think about was sleep.
It wasn't that i was nervous to get my results on that day, i just felt lazy which is normal since school ended and i stopped working.
At school I was even lightening every single nervous person's mood, joking and all. I wasn't worried. Ma wasn't worried.

Maybe just right after they finished announcing the straight A's students, a wave of emotion hit me. Like crashing waves by the shore. Like the dust of clouds that rises as a building collapses.
And there was only two person in my mind that i could think of- Ma and Abah.
My chest felt heavy and there was a lump in my throat.
Before i knew it, a small sob came out of me.
And before i realised, my feet started to move by themselves to find ma.
Like an involuntary action, i hugged her and started crying with my face buried on her shoulders.
And the only thing i could think of that time was, "Oh god, i'm so pathetic. I couldn't even make Ma happy. And now i'm ruining her shirt."
And when i got my exam slip the only thing i could think was, "Oh god, Izati. You so pathetic, you can't even score a B for Addmaths? and you can't even score an A in physics. You suck."

Yeah, i was pretty hard on myself. But after watching several people crying and laughing, and crying and sobbing, and crying and cursing, and screaming and laughing, and laughing and hugging (well yeah you get me) i had this mixture of feeling that i can't really tell if i was feeling a little sad or kind of thankful.
I am grateful tho. Alhamdulillah i got 7A's. Praise Allah.

I don't really remember how the day went after that really.
So yes, now all i have to do is pray extra hard that i'll get a place for myself in a course that i would want.

March 7, 2012

February 27, 2012


It's been a while since i've last felt this calm.
It's somehow reassuring.
Maybe i could turn out to be a better person one day.
Maybe i could defeat and silence the demon inside of me.
Maybe i could stop being a monster and start being human. Just human.

It's been a while since i've last felt this calm.
Maybe there's still hope pouring in.
Maybe there's still a stray of light for me to struggle in the dark.
Maybe there's still time for me to change.
Maybe i should change.

It's been a while since i've felt this calm.
It's been a while, i tell you.

February 25, 2012


7 bulan. Tepat 7 bulan yang lalu. Tepat pada saat ini 7 bulan yang lalu, jiwaku seperti retak. Aku merintih dan meronta, bagaikan ingin dikejutkan dari mimpi yang buruk. Aku seperti diberi satu sepakan yang menbangkitkan diriku kembali ke dunia realiti. Tepat 7 bulan yang lalu, tepat pada waktu ini, jiwa kami kehilangan.

Tidak ku berhasrat untuk mencoretkan perasaanku di sini. Hatiku gundah memikirkan tragedi. Amirah, sudah 7 bulan lah, Amirah. Kami rindu kamu.

Mungkin aku tidak berapa sedar sewaktu itu. Ya, aku mengangis, aku merintih, aku rasa kekosongan yang menyusuli selepas perginya arwah. Namun kenapa? Kenapa baru aku rasa begini? Rindu. Aku rindukannya. Mungkin benar, tidak ku dulu rapat dengan arwah. Tetapi kesedihan rakan-rakanku yang rapat dengannya masih dapat ku rasai.

Rakan. Rakan-rakan. Mungkin ku berbaik dengan semua. Tetapi kau telah menyedari aku, Amirah. Aku keseorangan. Ku tidak mempunyai rakan yang aku boleh berkongsi kesemuanya bersama. Ku tidak mempunyai apa yang kau ada. Jika ku berada dalam keadaan sepertimu, jika aku yang menjadi si mati suatu hari nanti, adakan aku akan ada rakan-rakan yang akan merindui aku sepertimana rakan-rakanmu merindui mu? Yang akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan ku? Adakah aku cemburu? Ya, aku cemburu. Tetapi, Amirah, kalau kau masih di sini, aku ingin memeluk dan mencium mu. Terima kasih kerana membuka hatiku. Terima kasih kerana menyedarkan aku betapa tingginya harga seorang rakan. Terima kasih kerana menyedarkan diriku yang aku tidak akan ke mana tanpa rakan-rakanku. Aku sungguh berterima kasih denganmu.

Al-Fatihah, moga kau sentiasa berbahagia di sana, Amirah.

February 14, 2012


Well i guess i should write about this sooner or later.
I've resigned.
and i am now an official penganggur.

Might be up and out looking for a part-time job sometime after i get bored of the jobless life. 'Side i might really need money, sometimes i jabs my heart a little looking at ma.

*facepalm* I'm such a fail. I didn't bring my camera to take pictures for this post. damnit.

I went to send in my work uniform today.
Bought macarons for them, lemon, strawberry and chocolate.
Joanne looked very happy when i bought them to the office.

Anyways, i hung out with them for a while and i stomach decided that i was hungry so i headed down to McD.
Knowing that I didn't really need to do anything anymore, i procrastinated and grazed through this one pamphlet they had on the counter. It had a Kung Fu Panda cover. I took the pamphlet and ordered myself a good ol' Double Cheeseburger and Milo.
I set down at a table that i usually sit during breakfast hours before work and spent around 3 hours practice-sketching Kakashi. I'm still not used to Naruto drawings, Bleach drawings seems so so much easier.

Went back up to MPH and followed Rebecca, Joshua, Sarvesse, Wahidah, Khalilah and Rahmat for break. No matter how annoying these people are, i'll have to admit that i'll miss working with them. Fhatin, Sufi and Syazwan joined in after some people on our table left. Stayed with them and followed them back to Studio R. Caught up with Fhatin and all of her stories. I miss hanging out with her, i swear.

So after such a long time hanging around and 'menganggur'-ing, i decided to go home and bam!
You'll never guess who i met.
I met REENA! she came back from London for a short holiday. It's been a while since i last met her, i don't even remember when. She was with her one of her friends from there- Tall, fair and pretty- Pixie. Followed them for a while, go shopping and all. and before i went home, we met AJ. Turns out I've met AJ before, he ordered one of his Lady Gaga books from MPH and i answered the call actually. Small small world.

Overall, today's a pretty awesome day.
Yeah, i might have just made it sound very short and boring.
But i can't never tell the whole story.

Oh, and i hear they're bringing forward our SPM results.
End of February, they said.
Please no, i know i'll miss my friends more after results comes out.
Why did we even wish that we'll grow up?

February 12, 2012

Le gasp.

My last three posts are all about shippuuden.
I need to get a life.
The end.

February 1, 2012


I had something in mind for this post just now.

I just can't seem to recall what's it about. Yes, shotgun me. No, it has nothing to do about Naruto Shippuuden/Bleach. Sorry dear reader(s), i'll update sooner or later tho.
Been facing this memory problem ever since i can remember.

Well, i'll just leave this here for now.
He's so adorable ♥

January 30, 2012





I've just read a spoiler.
Kakashi dies too. But then magically lives again.

January 26, 2012


Okay so yes, as promised. Here's the post. Please pardon, no racism/hatred intended here, i was just emotionally challenged.

Today i had to work full shift, and went to work like ever other day. Woke up, took shower, went to work, got breakfast and scanned in for work.

I swear i think the people that came today are pretty disturbed in their heads. No seriously, i get that it's a public holiday and such, but why in the fuck would you want to hang out in a bookstore? like duuuuuuuuuuuuude, seriously.

So yes. The people that came today are pretty.. how should i say- so that i won't sound like one pms bitch?- i guess i should just put it in such a way that maybe they forgot to pay their brain bills? Please, forgive me. Judge me all you want, i might just be emo and was only fueled by teenage angst.

So there was this one lady who came with a boy around my age- well, my age i guess, he was wearing a PLKN t-shirt, i know so because i had saw Aizat's before- i assume the lady is the mother, and so they asked about this one book and coincidentally, the book was out of stock hence i had to call up another outlet to transfer their stock here. And to do so the fella who wants the book has to pay an amount of deposit, which is half the price of the book.

Fella: Can i pay the deposit with the book voucher?
Me: I'm sorry, but you can't do so. You'll need to pay cash.
Fella: Why?
Me: Because it's like that.
The fella's mom: Why can't we use? Ridiculous.
Me: Well, it's like this. You CAN use the voucher, but the deposit needs to be in cash.
Fella: But i want to pay with book voucher.
Me: YOU CAN PAY WITH BOOK VOUCHER. JUST NOT THE DEPOSIT. (Serious time ni aku dah macam nak cirit dekat muka dia dah.)
Fella: Why do i need to pay half only? Nevermind, i pay full with book voucher.
Fella's mom: Ya la, nevermind we pay full.

And then there was this other fella. Some Chinese guy called up, i had to sit at the enquiry today since Mat's only on morning shift. So yes, this other bozo called.

Bozo: Hello.
Me: Yes, hello. MPH Gurney Plaza, Izati speaking how can i help you?
Bozo: Hello.
Me: Yes, hello?
Bozo: Yes, hello.
Me: Can i help you sir?
(and by this time there was this one kid and a few more customers looking at me tak sabaq-sabaq nak suruh aku cari buku, i mean i'm on the phone fucker, wait for your turn la kan, fucker.) yes, sorry. and so the bozo was like
Bozo: Just now i called, i got reserve three books. got ar?
Me: Can i know who did you speak to?
Bozo: I didn't speak to anyone.

Yes, you wouldn't know how mentally tortured i was to be surrounded by idiots today.
Another one was

Kid: Aunty ahhhhhh.
Me: Hmm? (layan je la kan, aunty pun aunty la.)
Kid: Aunty ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Me: Yes? can i help you?
Kid: Hihihihihihihihiihihihihi.
Me: (stares at kid blankly)
Kid: (speaks some random Chinese shiz prolly asking me about something.)
Me: Huh? Sorry i don't speak Chinese.
Kid: This book got in Chinese ar? (points at a book with that IS in Chinese)

Yes, please do Freddie Mercury ultra-high-angle reverse facepalm yourselves. And no, that wasn't the end of it.

Really old Aunty: Ah miss ah, help me find a book ah.
Me: Okay, title please?
ROA: The one the Dr Mahathir book leh. You know ah? The one the Dr. Mahathir one.
Me: Doctor in the house ka?
ROA: Haaaaa. Ya la, that one la. What are you doing, cepat la cari.
Me in my head putting up two middle fingers: Okay, hang on ah aunty, i go find.

and so i found the book.

ROA: Haaa, this one lah.
Me: Yes, this one lah.
ROA: No discount ah?
Me: No, this one just came in.
ROA: How much the price?
Me pointing at price ticket: here.
ROA: No discount ah?
Me: No, no discount, aunty.
ROA: Why i go see that one store got discount one?
Me: Mana saya nak tau.
ROA: Here no discount ah? Popular got discount one.
Me: Sini bukan Popular, aunty.

Haram gila, aku taktau nak kata. Lepas tu sekoq lagi mai.

Guy: I'm looking for a book.
Me: Yes sir? I can help you find it.
Guy: It's about this one story. (then he went raving on about this one story about a guy who was a fan of something and something, i wasn't really listening because at that moment got this one lady yang macam cibai tak sabaq-sabaq takmau ikut turn.)
Me: Maybe i could look up the book for you sir, can i have the title?
Guy: I don't know the title.
Me: Well, maybe the author?
Guy: I don't know the author.

Oh god, please save them from permanent stupidity.

Well i should stop, i've been facepalm-ing my self for a gazillion times that my had could just go through my face if this post continues. I just hope tomorrow wouldn't be as stupidly awkward as today.

Thank you for listening (well um, reading actutally) my rantings here today. Just needed to vex out some stress i've been coping just now. Only god knows how i could have survived.
Till then, matta ne.

January 19, 2012

So sorry it's over.

So i was thinking.
Yes, about my next step.

A few of my friends had started early for college, and i'm still here working.
Woah, not complaining there. Working is great. I think i've developed a few skills working here in MPH. Like what you ask? Well, if you insist that you want to know. I might have developed this really awesome skill of ripping the plastic wrapper with one hand and without ruining the book. I think i'd also gain this one skill of scanning through bookshelves without really looking and finding the book. And i might have mastered the art of mentally killing someone in your head and hold up a really good debate with substance. Okay, yes. Thay're pretty much useless. But at least i wake up early and comb my hair now.

Anyways, I still haven't get my driving license.
And half of the people i know now already have a car and a license to go with. Bleh, spoiled spoiled bitches. And i'm just jealous.
I hope that i'm not really wasting time here working.

I might even reconsider Architecture.
Fck i don't even like maths to start with.
I don't like anything.
I might as well get a major on doing nothing.
Ahh, this is so not uber cool.

Well yes.
Till then, don't hold your breath for my next post.
Bye bye.

January 18, 2012


Life for me has been a bit boring.
I've got to remind myself that i still need to study.
Bila la gaji nak masuk, bleh.

Till then.
Sore ja, bye bye.

January 5, 2012


So i am inside my room with my door closed typing things out and suddenly i heard Aizat saying,
Bro: Charger phone rosak.
Bro: Charger phone rosak.
Papi (just came back home from prayers and rushing to open the pad-lock): CHARGER PHONE ROSAK?!

Hahaha oh my god. Kalut gila family aku.

Mama was away in KL for the whole week last week,
and then she went to Sabah with Papi this monday.
They're back home now.
and i just want to tell the whole world,


January 3, 2012


Well yes, i'm supposed to be off to work now.
In another half an hour or so atleast.
Rapid doesn't wait for you, you know.

I don't know why,
But i woke up this morning feeling so unmotivated.
I felt like i wanted to lie on my bed the whole day.
Couldn't get proper rest last night, and now i just feel exhausted.
I'm tired, i need a change.
Work is tiring, i want a change.

Great, i might end up as a job-hopper in the near future.
Woo hoo, lovely.

I wanna stay at home today.
I'm just so so so tired. ):

Amber Pacific.

Tomorrow's the first day of school for 2012.
And to be completely honest, I really really do miss school.
There was still so much things that i could have done.
So much things that i could have fixed back then.
If only i'd realized before.
I wouldn't have to live with this regret.

i hope everyone's doing fine. I miss all of you!

January 2, 2012


Woah, i'm such an ignorant selfish bitch.
Didn't even wished you people a Happy New Year, didn't i?

Well hey, happy new year.
Start strong, finish stronger.
2011 has been great, but i'm hoping this year would be better.

And nope, i don't really have a new year's resolution this year.
I haven't thought of it yet actually.
Then again, what was my 2011's resolution?
Heck did i even cross out any of those 'resolutions' from the list?
I should go and check my previous posts, maybe i did post about it here, then again, i always do.

Ah, well yes. I did not did the countdown.
I slept for a year, if you get what i mean. ;)
Till then, ja minna-san.

December 28, 2011

Got shot by Syahirah Syukri.

So yeah, i was happily reading latest posts today and- bam!- Syahirah tagged me in this one post. I don't usually do these types of posts, but hell i have all the time in the world now since i'm off from work today.

Well, yes. I'm running low on witty subjects to write on. Maybe i should write about my workplace soon, yes maybe i should. Well, till then, here goes:

Rules / Peraturan :
  • pertama sekali , korang mestilah kena post peraturan nie
  • kedua korang mestilah ceritakan atau describe 11 perkara tentang diri korang
  • kemudian , jawab soalan yang dikemukakan oleh orang yang men-tag korang tu dan buat soalan baru untuk orang yang akan anda tag tu pulak
  • seterusnya macam biasalah tag kepada 11 orang dan link mereka dalam post
  • lepas tu korang pergi lah dekat blog diorang ke , pesbuk diaorang ke , beritahu diaorang yang korang dah tag dia dalam permainan nie
  • NO TAG BACK :)
  • and lastly , no stuff in the tagging section about " YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS " you legitimately a.k.a Really , Trust with all Honest have tagged 11 people

11 things about me eh? Bleh.

1) Papito said he misspelled my name in my birth cert where i am supposedly to have a double Z in my name. "Izzati" instead of "Izati".
2) Out of all places to get cut and bruises i hate to get them on my fingers.
3) Unlike Syahirah, I eat veggies because i am scared i'll get constipated. Yes, true fact.
4) I think Hatake Kakashi is very husband-worthy. He's tall, caring, smart, mature, he reads and a pervert.

5) As outgoing and friendly i am, i hate human beings.
6) I have once made a list of my classmates that who i would kill in order from first to last- and how i would kill them- if i was in Battle Royale. No, i would not post that list.
7) I would hate a band if they went mainstream no matter how good they are. For instance, Paramore. They were one of my favourite bands- EVER. Then they went mainstream, and i came find that it's very very hard for me to like them again. I know it's stupid, for you to like a band, you would want them to succeed right? But it's just the fact that everyone goes, "omg omg omg (insert mainstream band name here) is so EPICZZ." it's freakin annoying.
8) I feel very inferior around my sister because i think she's way prettier than i am.
9) I hate doing things together with someone i know, i prefer to do something alone, if you get what i mean.
10) I have a Nikon 3100 named Shotgun.
11) I now do not like or dislike any colour.

Saa, Questions from Syahirah:

Numero uno: What's the best thing have ever happened in your life ?
Woah, deja vu. Someone had asked me the same question b
efore, and somehow i couldn't really answer. But hey honestly, the best thing that had happened is maybe that i've met some of the greatest people throughout my life. Though, i still have that strong feeling that something better than that is going to happen in the near future. ;)

Numero dos: Do you like camping ?
As a child, yes maybe. But i've grown up pretty spoiled to be staying overnight in a tent. Although the thought of marshmallow and air pollution throu
gh bon fires seems very intriguing.

Numero tres: Who is/are your best friend(s)
Ha, am i the only person that find this question funny? Well, the thing is, when you're always on good terms with EVERYONE, you'll never do have that one or two friends that is always with you. Well, maybe the real bestfriends that i'd ever had was probably Akram in kindy- and then we went to separate schools and never met- so basically he's not counted as the current bestfriend. There was Atiqah in primary school, i met her in Standard 4, we somehow amazingly share same interests, Linkin Park was one of it- I've rarely met her now ever since we grew up and went to different high schools, the only time we meet was in school events where we said our common Hi's and Bye's. And then there's Reena, I love this bitch. But then she dumped me and left me here all alone and went off to Billy-Shakespeare land, but we still stay in contact. So to conclude all that, I am Forever Alone lvl:9999.

Numero cuatro: Which one would be your first priority ? Friends or family ?
Family hands down. Not to be an asshole towards my buddies anyways, i love them as much but yeah, i love my family more.

Numero cinco: What kind of vacations do you like ?
Anywhere would do actually. I'm itching for an adventure, but i'm stuck with work and an empty wallet.

Numero seis:
Do you smoke ?
Nope i do not smoke. I.. er, do not like smoky places? It's jsut that smoke suffocates me quick man. The smell of carbon is just horrible. And the smell of cigarette is just as twice as horrible and suffocating.

Numero siete (i think?):
Are you the first child in your family ? If you are, do you like it ?
Nope i am not. I am the spoiled last child of three. With a blond but smart sister and a brother that only feeds me nasi kandar when mama's away in KL. In a way, i love being the last child, i don't get the first blame. :D

Numero.. er, number eight:
Tv or Internet ?
Internet. I mean, why TV? You can watch shows online too you know. Plus, the national tv show crap. And when they show something really good, it'll overlap with the other good show on a different channel. Piece of shit i tell you. So yes, internet all the way. The funny thing is, when adults ask us this, they'll only think we'll go on Facebook. Oh pleaaaaaaaaaase, Facebook it a piece of crap too. Hello? Haven't you heard of youtube?

Number nine:
Can you live without your cellphone ?
Yep. But i know i'll get really pissed for losing it because i have to go on Facebook and post some stupid status like, "Omg you guyzzz, i lost my cellular. Inbox your number plz plz plz.". Not cool begging wei, not cool.

Number ten: What kind of questions do you expect from me ? haha.
Ingat nak bagi yang lebih mencabar minda dan emosi. Hahahahaha

Number eleven:
Your ambition ?
Aku nak jadi ninja ahhhhhhh. Macam syiok ja. hihi

Anyhoo, no i'm not going to ask anything. And no, i'm not gonna tag 11 people.
I'm such a badass, that i break the game rules, oh yeaaaaaaah. :D

Till then, i'm off. I wanna go buy myself some Gatorade.

December 22, 2011

Get out of this place while we still have time.

It's now 8.17am.
Yes you reader(s) must be mindblown by now, only reading the first line of this post.

"Why in the f__ is Izati Hashim up so early today?"
or probably just,
"Perempuan ni duk merapu apa? Aku tak terkejut apa pun."

I hate working. Oh no, don't get me wrong. I love my work.
It's not as much of a burden like in school, and the people there are super nice.
But, I swear it is 10 times as tiring as in school.
I come back home everyday, my legs and arms tired.
I'm just saying, to those who've not worked and is looking for a job. DON'T.
Really, don't look for a job, you'll feel so emo after that.

Oh well, i should get going.
Would be late for the morning shift if i started rambling on and on.
'Till next time, ja.
See you when i see you. :)
(To be updated)