February 14, 2012


Well i guess i should write about this sooner or later.
I've resigned.
and i am now an official penganggur.

Might be up and out looking for a part-time job sometime after i get bored of the jobless life. 'Side i might really need money, sometimes i jabs my heart a little looking at ma.

*facepalm* I'm such a fail. I didn't bring my camera to take pictures for this post. damnit.

I went to send in my work uniform today.
Bought macarons for them, lemon, strawberry and chocolate.
Joanne looked very happy when i bought them to the office.

Anyways, i hung out with them for a while and i stomach decided that i was hungry so i headed down to McD.
Knowing that I didn't really need to do anything anymore, i procrastinated and grazed through this one pamphlet they had on the counter. It had a Kung Fu Panda cover. I took the pamphlet and ordered myself a good ol' Double Cheeseburger and Milo.
I set down at a table that i usually sit during breakfast hours before work and spent around 3 hours practice-sketching Kakashi. I'm still not used to Naruto drawings, Bleach drawings seems so so much easier.

Went back up to MPH and followed Rebecca, Joshua, Sarvesse, Wahidah, Khalilah and Rahmat for break. No matter how annoying these people are, i'll have to admit that i'll miss working with them. Fhatin, Sufi and Syazwan joined in after some people on our table left. Stayed with them and followed them back to Studio R. Caught up with Fhatin and all of her stories. I miss hanging out with her, i swear.

So after such a long time hanging around and 'menganggur'-ing, i decided to go home and bam!
You'll never guess who i met.
I met REENA! she came back from London for a short holiday. It's been a while since i last met her, i don't even remember when. She was with her one of her friends from there- Tall, fair and pretty- Pixie. Followed them for a while, go shopping and all. and before i went home, we met AJ. Turns out I've met AJ before, he ordered one of his Lady Gaga books from MPH and i answered the call actually. Small small world.

Overall, today's a pretty awesome day.
Yeah, i might have just made it sound very short and boring.
But i can't never tell the whole story.

Oh, and i hear they're bringing forward our SPM results.
End of February, they said.
Please no, i know i'll miss my friends more after results comes out.
Why did we even wish that we'll grow up?

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