April 2, 2012


Yes, and we meet again.
Hello humans.

So the other day, I was asked by someone,
"Are your blogpost titles just random phrases or what?"
Well yes, the answer to that is actually no they're not.
Well, er for most of them at least.
Unlike this one,
you guys must be like, "Apa ni title macam biskut hanguih."

You know back then during the Friendster era,
we could fill in surveys and those kinds of things?
Well i think I'd picked up a habit from naming posts titles from words of phrases that cross my mind after writing from there.

Like for instance, my post before this [link] was called "Talks Big". Other than the fact that I was listening to Neon Trees - Everybody talks, it had something to do about me talking big that i'll score straight A's. Which i didn't.

And there was the post about my friends [link] was kind of related to the song You're Only Young Once by Amber Pacific. Hence the blogpost's title.

Well yes, basically most of my post's title has something significant behind it.
But like i said, unlike this one,
It's named after how the background music of this Harvest Moon Game i'm playing.
Yes, i shall shoot myself for doing so.

Anyhoo, till next post.
See you when i see you.
Feel free to ask me anything on Twitter or Facebook.

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