September 24, 2012

F = mg.

The urge to steal a match from the whole pile of matchboxes laid right in front of me screamed out so loud, that my ears started to ring. "Burn this bridge."

This burned bridge. Did i actually manage to cross to the other side? or did i fell half-way into the peril of  everything unknown down below? Did i climb all the way up just to fall all over again?

Why did i ever crawled all the way up, just to fall in again?

I would listen, I would digest, I would give my opinions and perspective.
But if all you're going to talk about is just about you,
if this thing has always been one sided since the beginning,
then take this to your grave,
I wouldn't be bothered, not even a single speck.

And i was this close to being a better person.
I was so close to be someone who would forgive and forget as if it was just breathing.
Forgive and forget like its a natural thing that your body does involuntarily.
Forgive like it's breathing in, and forget like it's breathing out.
I was so close.

Maybe we're at the end of this bridge,
Maybe i was burning it down myself as i walk with this flame of hatred i carried.

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