September 23, 2012


I'm sorry I've been away for a very long time. I wish college life isn't based on crazy-intricate-schedules. How I wish I don't get tired as easily. How I wish this doltish holier-than-thou place has better internet connection. I would actually update more.

Things have changed for me, but that's okay. Things are going on fine, and i'm in the pink.

Four months have whizzed so fast, like a bolt of lighting passing our clouded eyes and now I'm already at the very end of Semester 1. 5-6 more months of hell here, and i'm out. Where? Entah lah labu.

Finals was okay. Well, i've only sat for chemistry.
Called up mom last night with high hopes that she would wish me good luck but asked me what to do about my expired moronic L driving license.
Sad, but was not surprised. Should've called Abah instead.

So I got all emo and shiz and posted on tweeter hoping that 'someone' would call me, but another someone called, which isn't half as bad.

So anyways, I'm doing fine here.
I miss my friends.

I wonder how Anis is doing in KMPP?
And how Syafiq is doing in Sunway?
And if Wahidah is doing fine in Penang?
What about Kal? Is Egypt treating you well?

I might have broken a handful of promises these days, but here's one promise i'll keep to my friends.
I will try my hardest to keep in contact with all of you.
"Until Jannah" like he said.

Things have changed for me, but that's okay.

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